WealthManagement.com: K@W featured in news roundup

WealthManagement.com's weekly news roundup includes a recent Knowledge@Wharton piece on peer-to-peer lending.  MORE (Jan. 11, 2014)

Canada.com: "Fascinating writeup" from K@W is featured

Canada.com highlights Knowledge@Wharton's recent discussion of collaborative consumption, deeming it a "fascinating writeup." MORE (Jan. 7, 2014)

Entrepreneur: K@W piece is featured in a list of top web stories

A Knowledge@Wharton piece on emerging markets is featured among Entrepreneur’s “10 Stories From the Web to Know About This Week.” (Oct. 25, 2013) MORE

The Economist: EY and K@W e-book is highlighted

The Economist lauds “Mobile Banking: Financial Services Meet the Electronic Wallet," a video-enhanced e-book co-produced by Ernst & Young and Knowledge@Wharton. (Sept. 25, 2013) MORE

New York Times: K@W mentioned in dining feature

A Knowledge@Wharton article is recommended in the New York Times' "What We're Reading" feature on their Diner's Journal blog. (June 13, 2013) MORE

Bloomberg Businessweek: K@W article cited as a "must-read"

Bloomberg Businessweek recommends a Knowledge@Wharton article on J.C. Penney, calling the story a "must-read." (April 8, 2013) MORE

Wall Street Journal: K@W article on French entrepreneurship is featured

The Wall Street Journal highlights a recent Knowledge@Wharton piece authored by Lauder Institute students, noting that "the article offers an interesting possible avenue to a solution [for spurring entrepreneurship in France]." (Jan. 4, 2013) MORE

Jing Daily: K@W article on executive pay in China is highlighted

Jing Daily lauds a recent Knowledge@Wharton article on Chinese executive compensation. MORE (Aug. 22, 2012)

Huffington Post: Knowledge@Wharton High School is featured

Knowledge@Wharton High School is noted as one of the Huffington Post's "10 Websites to Help Teach Kids about Money." MORE (Aug. 17, 2012)

Philadelphia Inquirer: K@W article selected as "Web Wealth" pick

Knowledge@Wharton's article on the use and safety of 401(k) plans is featured as a Philadelphia Inquirer "Web Wealth" pick.  (July 1, 2012)  MORE