Wired Academic: K@W article on free online courses is featured

Wired Academic highlights Knowledge@Wharton's article on massively open online courses (MOOCs), noting that they "particularly enjoyed the article's examination of why MOOCs may succeed now when they didn't in the past."  (June 25, 2012)  MORE

Freakonomics: Arabic Knowledge@Wharton article is featured

Freakonomics features a "particularly interesting bit" from Arabic Knowledge@Wharton's interview with Tyler Cowen.  MORE (June 18, 2012)

Asia Healthcare Blog lauds K@W article on China's senior care industry

Asia Healthcare Blog highlights a China Knowledge@Wharton piece on the senior care housing industry, noting that "the article is a good overview of what has been going on in the market, with particular attention paid to some of the early entrants and what can be gleaned from their nascent endeavors."  (June 13, 2012) MORE 

About.com: Knowledge@Wharton story on going cashless is featured

About.com notes that "Knowledge@Wharton has a nice discussion of the [trade-offs] of going cashless." (June 7, 2012)  MORE

NBC10 Philadelphia: Knowledge@Wharton High School is featured

NBC10 Philadelphia lauds the Knowledge@Wharton High School Network as a way to "help local students spread the word on business and entrepreneurship." (Mar. 14, 2012) MORE

GigaOm: Knowledge@Wharton article on workplace connectivity is featured

GigaOm lauds Knowledge@Wharton's recent article on managing after-hours use of digital devices. (Feb. 21, 2012) MORE

Philadelphia Public School Notebook: KWHS-sponsored competitions are highlighted

In the Philadelphia Public School Notebook, Knowledge@Wharton High School is noted for offering business-related challenges to Philadelphia high school students. (Feb. 9, 2012) MORE

Venture Beat: K@W article on Skolkovo is noted

In an article on Russia's startups, Venture Beat lauds Knowledge@Wharton for offering "great coverage" on Skolkovo. (Dec. 21, 2011) MORE

New York Times: Knowledge Today blog is featured

On the New York Times' "You're the Boss" blog, a Knowledge Today article is featured in a roundup of small business news. (Dec. 19, 2011)  MORE

China Law Blog: Arabic K@W article is highlighted

In China Law Blog, an Arabic Knowledge@Wharton article titled "'Land-grab Mentality': The Cutthroat Competition on China's Internet" is deemed "very thoughtful and well-researched."  (Dec. 18, 2011)  MORE